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Not everyone is fortunate; some do not have the basic necessities of life. Some live in shelter homes, some in orphanages, some in home for mentally challenged, some in refugee camps, and so on. 


Clownselors believe in the power of laughter and smiles, of hope and positivity. We visit all kinds of vulnerable spaces to share joy and love. We receive ample love in return. The children in different homes embrace us with all their love, they get amused and excited to have a clown playing with them. Children and adults enjoy the colours and playfulness helping them distract from their everyday struggles and live in the moment completely.

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“First tell us when will you come back we will only let you leave when you promise to come back” – children at the shelter

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  • Asha Kiran home for Mentally Challenged, Delhi

  • Palna, Delhi

  • Sarthak Prayas, Delhi

  • Khushi Home for Girls, Delhi

  • Rohingya Refugee camp, Shahein bagh, Delhi

  • Samvedna Institute for Special Children, Delhi

  • Bal Sahyog Shelter Home, Delhi

  • Handimachal Therapy Center, Kullu

  • Rain Basera, AIIMS, Delhi

  • Action for Autism, Delhi

  • Kilkari Rainbow home, Delhi

  • Leprosy centre, Vellore

  • Slums near ITO, Delhi

  • Shelter homes for Migrants, Delhi

  • CanKids home, Delhi

  • Hathi Basti, Delhi

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