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Sheetal Agarwal, the founder of Clownselors, is a passionate woman who wanted to spread smiles in the world. She is a Sociologist/Social anthropologist by training, a lecturer by profession, and a big Clown at heart. Her passion for community service and humbleness for humanity prompted her to start medical clowning in Delhi in July 2016. Sheetal's experience has trained her to be meticulous, creative, and resourceful. From being a motivational speaker to becoming a TEDx speaker, she has always inspired people in many ways, and she has received enormous support. 

Our founder's humbleness, compassion, and enriching behavior have taught everyone to be grateful and eager to give back to society. She has a demonstrated track record in running and growing this non-profit organization and taking it to the next level of performance.





We're on a mission to spread joy, happiness, and the sound of laughter through those intimidating hospital corridors. Our goal is to cultivate efficacy in the field of healthcare and progress the healing process with the help of humor. In the upcoming years, we want to reach all the remote areas of our country and help ensure better healthcare facilities for all. 



Clownselors believe that compassionate human connection has a robust power to heal. With the help of therapeutic medical clowning, we want to create a window of happiness for all the patients, families, medical team, and staff. We want to light up the life of isolated and non-communicative people by bringing a positive change in their lives and creating a successful model of medical clowning that responds to the needs of diverse human beings.

  • Is there any specific amount someone can donate?
    There is no specific amount to donate. You can donate as per your will because we believe that every donation counts be it small or big.
  • How many volunteers do you have?
    As of now, 350 volunteers have clowned with us, and in the future, we expect many more volunteers to join us in our noble cause..
  • Who runs Clownselors?
    Volunteers with an intention to bring smiles, run Clownselors
  • How do I get started with Medical Clowning?
    You can fill up the registration form on, and that's how you can start volunteering and become a part of Clownselors.
  • Where do the Clownselors work?
    Engaged in Medical Clowning, we want nothing more than to improve the well-being of people, primarily in healthcare institutions, schools, colleges, and workplaces.
  • Do I need any specific qualifications to be a part of Clownselors?
    There's no need for any specific qualification. Only you need a passion for sharing smiles and a big heart to help people.
  • How can I support the work of Clownselors?
    You can support the work of Clownselors by sharing about Clownselors amongst your friends on social media, by donating funds, and also by connecting us with more hospitals or workplaces where we can do stress management and medical clowning sessions.
  • Can Clownselors train my staff?
    Clownselors can definitely train staff depending on what kind of training they need. We do medical clowning, team building, and stress management sessions, and we can teach them in all these kinds of sessions.
  • Can Clownselors conduct a workshop in my hospital?
    Yes, we have conducted workshops in hospitals, and we are open to conducting workshops in any hospital in India. When we go to a hospital, we dress up as clowns and use dance, music, magic, and drama to entertain patients and bring smiles to their faces and relief to their caregivers and guardians. We aim to do a proven distraction therapy that hastens the healing process of the ailing.
  • Is medical clowning only for kids?
    No, medical clowning is not only for kids. The activities are for everybody, and there is no age bar; it is mainly about finding one's true self and accepting oneself and each other as they are, leaving aside all kinds of barriers and masks.
  • Can medical clowning be a career option?
    Medical clowns add value in several work areas, including private/government hospitals, schools, women's self-help groups, and traumatic and stressful environments. Still, it is currently difficult to pursue as a career option because we don't have sustainable sources or paid clowning options. But gradually, as people realize the worth of medical clowning, it can become an upcoming career option.
  • How do Clownselors collect funds?
    At Clownselors, we collect funds through donations and also by approaching funding agencies for grants.
  • How do you know it works?
    We know it works in most cases because we've been doing it every Saturday since 2016 at Delhi Government-run hospital - Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya and have clowned at many hospitals across the country. The feedback from both parents and sick children and the hospital community has been overwhelming.

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