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 I do clowning to spread smiles and take good memories. It really helps in keeping myself calm and more patient. It is self Satisfaction and inner voice that says let's go and do clowning.🥳 I look on to the situations of patients their parents  doctors and staff. It helps me to learn smiling and laughing in every moment just from any reason. Clownselors as a team works very beautifully. I mean it has a sense of belongingness in each of the group member that keep us united. Many decisions are taken without any conflicts. I will give credit to Sheetal di for this. You are a inspiration and a true leader. You take everyone with you. It gives a pleasure and I feel so comfortable to myself when I do clowning. It really adds to my values and shows that yes I am doing something to make someone forget his/her pain for a while and play.

Though the actual pain remains the same but mentally they get more prepared to face the illnesses knowing they wil get well soon.❤


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