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Our efforts has been constantly recognised by several media houses across the country for our work and dedication. Our campaigns and events are being loved and enjoyed by the public across the country and we've been been constantly in highlights of various channels, news agencies and many platforms too


Healing With a Smile

Introduced to bring some cheer among patients in government hospitals, the Happiness Therapy is an initiative whose potential is yet to be explored fully, writes Somrita Ghosh

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Smile That Matters

Smiles That Matter: The Woman Who Heals Children with Serious Illness by Using Medical Clowning Therapy.


This is what happend when the clown took over Delhi Metro

The clowns are part of Clownselors, comprising a bunch of individuals who visit children’s wards in hospitals and dance, perform plays and interact, all with the intention of putting a smile on the faces of the children, their parents, doctors and nurses

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Laughing away the pain, one STEP at a time

Does being in a hospital drain away your happiness ? Medical clowns are here to fill it up to the very brim

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Do you know medi-clowning is now a career option

Indian healthcare seems to be taking a leaf out of Hollywood legend Robin Williams’ hit film ‘Patch Adams’. As hospitals see value in alternate forms of patient care, a new therapy involving clowns — called medical clowning — is gaining ground.

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Pealing laughter, healing hands: How volunteers bring cheer to patients

From ‘Clownseling’ to palliative care, hospital helpers are giving the sick and despairing something to look forward to.

Anandabazar, Clownselors: পাচ্ছে হাসি হাসছি তাই! কষ্ট কমাতে দিল্লির হাসপাতালে ‘হাসি বিক্রি’ করেন শীতল. October 18, 2021

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